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1969 Santana [lp/cd]
         LP tracks

         A. Waiting/Evil Ways/Shades of Time/Savor/Jingo
         B. Persuasion/Treat/You Just Don't Care/Soul Sacrifice
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1970 Abraxas [lp/cd]
         LP tracks
         A. Singing Winds, Crying Beasts/Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen/Oye Como Va
              Incident at Neshabur
         B. Se A Cabo/Mother's Daughter/Samba Pa Ti/Hope You're Feeling Better/El Nicoya
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1971 IIIrd Album [lp/cd]
         LP tracks
         A. Batuka/No One To Depend On/Taboo/Toussaint L'Overture
         B. Everybody's Everything/Jungle Strut/Guajira/Everything Is Coming Our Way/Para Los
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1972 Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles! Live! [lp/cd]
         LP tracks
         A. Marbles/Lava/Evil Ways/Faith Interlude/Them Changes
         B. Free Form Funkafide Filth
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1972 Caravanserai [lp/cd]

        LP tracks
         A. Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation/Waves Within/Look Up (to See What's Coming Down)
             Just in Time to See the Sun/Song Of The Wind/All the Love of the Universe
         B. Future Primitive/Stone Flower/La Fuente Del Ritmo/Every Step of the Way
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1973 Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - Love, Devotion, Surrnder [lp/cd]

        LP tracks
         A. A Love Supreme/Naima/The Life Divine
         B. Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord/Meditation
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1973 Welcome [lp/cd]
1974 Devadip Carlos Santana & Turiya Alice Coltrane - Illuminations [lp/cd]
1974 Greatest Hits [lp/cd]
1974 Borboletta [lp/cd]
1974 Lotus [3lp/2-3cd]
1976 Amigos [lp/cd]
1976 Festival [lp/cd]
1977 Moonflower [2lp/2cd]
1978 Inner Secrets [lp/cd]
1979 Devadip Carlos Santana - Oneness: Silver Dreams Golden Smiles [lp/cd]
1979 Marathon [lp/cd]
1980 Devadip Carlos Santana - The Swing Of Delight [lp/cd]
1981 Zebop! [lp/cd]
1982 Shango [lp/cd]
1983 Carlos Santana - Havana Moon [lp/cd]
1985 Beyond Appearances [lp/cd]
1987 Freedom [lp/cd]
1987 Carlos Santana - Blues For Salvador [lp/cd]
1988 Viva Santana! [3lp/2cd]
1990 Spirits Dancing In The Flesh [lp/cd]
1992 Milagro [lp/cd]
1993 Sacred Fire [cd]
1994 Brothers [cd]
1995 Dance Of The Rainbow Serpent [3cd]
1997 Live At The Fillmore 1968 [2cd]
1999 Supernatural [lp/cd]
2000 Santana Live (Live By Request) [cd]
2002 Shaman [lp/cd]
2003 Ceremony [cd]
2004 Food For Thought [cd]
2005 All That I Am [cd]
2005 Carlos Santana & Wayne Shorter - Live At 1988 Montreux Jazz Festival [2cd]
2010 Guitar Heaven [cd]
2012 Shapshifter [lp/cd]
2014 Corazon [cd]
2014 Corazon Live From  Mexico [cd]
2015 Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin - Invitation To Illumination Live In Montreux 2011 [2cd]
2016 Santana IV [2lp/cd]
2016 Santana IV - Live At The House Of Blues [3lp/2cd]
2017 Santana Live At Woodstock 1969 [lp/cd]
2017 Santana & Isley Brothers - Power Of Peace [2lp/cd]
2019 In Search Of Mona Lisa [12" ep/cd]
2019 Africa Speaks [2lp/cd]